Controlling Germs & Viruses in Homes – The Smart Cleaning Tips

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In the midst of a pandemic, it has become more important than ever before to ensure proper cleaning and sanitization to control germs and viruses in homes. Poor cleaning will not only make your home a favorable habitat for bacteria and viruses but also badly impact the healthy lifestyle of your family. Accumulation of germs leads to various ailments and diseases like cold, influenza, skin diseases, and other sensitivities. And if you have pets, your home is at a higher risk of accumulating hazardous germs, pet dander, waste, and spit, which may cause hypersensitivities and skin ailments. Through these smart cleaning tips, you can control germs and viruses in your homes to a significant extent.

Regular & appropriate hand wash

Spreading of germs and infections usually happens due to various factors including contact with body liquids. Poor hand washing practice is a fundamental driver that spreads infections and microscopic organisms at home.

Proper Washroom Cleaning

The areas in the home most vulnerable to bacteria and germs accumulation are washrooms and kitchen. Unnoticed areas in the kitchen and washrooms make the biggest spots for microbes and infections growth. Therefore, it is advised to do intensive cleaning of all corners of the kitchen and restrooms. Cleaning of the refrigerator inside is also important since it may also accumulate germs and smell if not cleaned for a long time.

Cleaning ice chest

Accumulation of spoiled or expired food items in the chiller not only accumulate bacteria but also spoil other fresh foods. The dish wash scrubber is the first spot to develop microscopic organisms and viruses. Therefore, the dish wash scrubber must be cleaned regularly. Additionally, don’t hesitate to use high temp water for cleaning dishes and china plates at home. This practice can minimize microscopic organisms and infections’ accumulation in dishes.

Use gloves

Direct contact with waste can be a source of spreading germs and viruses. Therefore, using gloves while handling trash and washing dirty utensils is a recommended cleaning practice. The use of disinfected gloves or single-use gloves can limit the spread of destructive organisms. Don’t forget to clean the bloom water container as water accumulated for a long time also develops germs.

Ensure proper ventilation

Poor ventilation at home is one of the key reasons behind many respiratory illnesses. This condition may be avoided by ensuring appropriate ventilation at home. Make sure you have windows and doors allowing sunlight to pass through your home.

Change kitchen towels

Medical issues like a typical cold can be a source of spreading microbes in the home. Thus, it is recommended to use tissues while coughing and sneezing. Change the kitchen towels, shower towels, and bedsheets daily as these are highly prone to bacterial growth.

Clean cell phones and remote controllers

Most of the people overlook the cleaning of cell phones and remote controllers, ignoring the fact these carry the highest percentage of germs. Using specific sanitizers and cleaners, it is very important to ensure their regular cleaning as these are the frequently touched/used items.

Following these smart cleaning tips would help you ensure a safe and healthy living environment at home.

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